At first, I did not really want to put up this website. This is an unofficial fan website. This is not the actual official website dedicated to the Another Year movie by the studio released it.

As you can well imagine, movie studios in the United States and elsewhere come up with official sites that really promote the movie that they have launched. That’s the whole point of these websites.

It’s all about raising awareness, getting free publicity, and building a community around their content. This is not one of those projects— at least, this wasn’t intended to be. Instead, this website is my homage to everything that is so great and mind-blowing about the Another Year movie.

Now, admittedly, there are very few fan sites that are dedicated to this movie. To a lot of people, this is another failed romantic comedy.

This is another failed relationship breakthrough movie.

To many people, such movies are a dime a dozen. There’s just so many of them. They really can’t quite figure out what makes this movie so distinctive, meaningful, and different.

Well, I’m going to spell it out for you. The truth is, this movie confronted me. It woke me up. Throughout my decades of living on this planet as a human being, I’ve often lived life in terms of instant recognition.

Let me unpack that. When I see certain things, I automatically react because I thought I’ve seen them before. This works out pretty well.

If I see flames coming out of a building, I automatically react that it is a fire and I respond a certain way. When I see certain signals involved in my relationships, I respond in a standard way. That’s how I process reality. That’s how I live my life.

This movie told me in so many ways that I have to reassert ownership of that process. If I unpacked a lot of my reactions, most of the time, I’m not really thinking and processing the information in an empowering way. Somewhere down the line, I picked up this reactionary habits and that’s why my life was the way it was.

I felt stuck in my relationships. I felt like I was just going through the motions. I wasn’t making anywhere near the amount of money I thought I should be making. I wasn’t happy with a lot of things in my life. I wasn’t fulfilled. I looked at myself in the mirror and I looked very old and overweight.

There was just so many things that I was so frustrated about.

This movie was like a cold glass of water that was splashed on my face. It reminded me to do one thing— wake up. That’s right. It pushed me to wake up regarding the thought that I chose to entertain.

Ultimately, it dawned on me that that is the only power I truly have in this universe. I’m a very small person. I’m just another face in the crowd. I don’t really have that much political influence and economic consequence.

However, when I look at my ability to choose, that is power. It may seem small on a micro and individual level, but the moment I took ownership of it. Things started to change in my life.

 I started to become more productive. I started to take on more meaningful work. I started getting good at something. This leads to higher and higher levels of mastery and I became more credible and authoritative in the things that I chose to do for a living.

This led to me being paid more. This made me feel better about myself. This made me feel like I’m more in control of many areas in my life. To cut the long story short, this led me to better relationships and this enabled me to become a more giving, loving, and a happier person.

It all boils down to what I choose to do, as far as my perception of the world goes. I don’t have to look at it as a movie that just has to proceed the exact same way a million times before.

I do have a lot of input. I do have a lot to say if I only chose to say. Do you see how this works? Take control of your life today.