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    Ways in Choosing the Best E-Juice for a Great Vaping Experience

    Great vaping experience depends on how you choose your e-juice.

    Many people are starting to enjoy vaping than smoking because of the e-juices being used. Unlike the traditional nicotine wrapped in every stick of cigarette that produces a pungent smell that sticks to whatever it touches, e-juices are inviting and sweet smelling that one can be confused to the smell of a perfume.

    The sweet and fruity smell of e-juices, when smoked, is one of the reasons why a lot of people are starting to switch from their regular cigarette to vape. However, to have a great vaping experience, you have to be smart with your e-juice choices.

    If you are a beginner in vaping, shared a guide for you in choosing the best e-juice for a great vaping experience.

    1. Choose the right PG/VG ratio of your e-juice.

    You are probably wondering what is ‘PG/VG ratio’ upon looking the labels of the e-juice in a vape shop or when you browse the internet. PG stands for Propylene Glycol while VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin. The ratio of the PG and VG depends on the vaping device you are using. If you want an e-juice that allows you to produce a strong and intense flavor when you smoke, choose a PG ratio that is higher than VG. If you are into making vape tricks and wants to puff thick, fluffy vapor, the kind of e-juice you have to choose is the one that has higher VG than PG. But if you want to just enjoy the flavor and the smoke, you can opt for a 50/50 blend.

    1. Check the nicotine level of your e-juice: Is it right? Or just too much?

    E-juice also contains nicotine, but not as much as what regular cigarette has. When you check the labels of the e-juices, you will realize that there are varying levels of nicotine strengths. If you just want to have a healthy smoke, you can opt for an e-juice with a reduced level of nicotine.

    What makes vaping better than smoking is that you can adjust the level of nicotine in what you smoke, unlike in cigarette that every packet regardless of brand contains the same level of nicotine. And if you want to reduce the nicotine levels you smoke, the best thing that you can do is to just quit smoking.

    1. Choosing the E-Juice flavor: Should I go for a blend or single flavor vape juice?

    Aside from nicotine levels and the ratio of PG and VG in vape juice, another detail you have to be aware of in choosing the best e-juice for your vaping experience is the flavor of the vape juice.

    There are two variants of vape juice: blend and a single flavor.

    Vaping juice that has blended flavor consists of several distinct flavors that were mixed together. A good example is SMURF that is a strawberry-blueberry-smoothie inspired vape juice and KRISPY, that is sweet glazed donut inspired vape juice.

    On the other hand, single flavored vape juice only consist of one distinct flavor and this often comes in fruity flavors like pineapple, strawberry, coconut or cream flavors.


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